Friday, November 2, 2012

Fan Art Friday

Today's fan art is from Illustropencil. Dude is DEFINITELY a fan. If you couldn't tell from the FIVE FANTASTIC SKETCHES he did of Grug, perhaps this quote from him will prove my point:

"yea omg this movie looks f-ing awesome the designs i'm crying i've watched the trailer 40 times already!"

I know how he feels. That trailer IS awesome. Then again, so is Illustropencil's fan art! First off, he chose to draw Grug. No one else has done this thus far. That right there makes him a trailblazer. Second, he managed to capture a huge range of emotions with these sketches. Anger. Surprise. Joy. Apprehension. But my favorite one has gotta be the tender-looking Grug at the bottom left of the page. It kinda reminds me of Glen Keane's pencil tests of the Beast. In other words: EPIC. AWESOME. EMOTIVE.

Check out more of Illustropencil's work here.