Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Second, Similar Set Of Croods Movie Theater Merch

Two months ago, I posted pics of the Croods movie theater merchandise aimed at the American market. Today, I've got a photo of the slightly different movie theater merch that'll be available in Europe.

The main differences seem to be (1.) the addition of the elephant/mouse to the cup toppers, (2.) the soda cup cozies, and (3.) a Thunk-themed popcorn bag.

While the first two would probably do well in the States, the popcorn bags featuring Thunk would be a MUCH harder sell. My fellow Americans are already super sensitive about their ever-expanding waistlines. Putting The Croods' chubby comic relief on our bags of heavily-buttered, suicidally-salted popcorn would do little to increase concession stand sales.

That said, talk radio's inevitable outrage over this animated attack on our cultural identity would lead to a lot of free press for the film...

Today is Election Day. Vote!

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