Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sanders Confirms Trailer's Imminent Release

From Sanders' deviantART page:

A lot of things to tell you about this morning. First, I've gotten the word that our first Croods trailer will be up and active on Apple Trailers [link] tomorrow morning, October 3rd. I've heard that it's gonna be up at 8:00 AM, but I'm not sure if thats California time or East Coast time. My guess is that's California time.

This is the teaser trailer, and since it was cut we've very nearly finished animating the film. More trailers will follow, but not for a little while. Be sure and check it out - our talented crew has really outdone themselves this time. Some of my favorite movies were caveman themed - Quest For Fire, Caveman, etc. But I never dreamed I'd get to make one myself. The cool thing about this is that we've gotten a chance to present cavemen in a fresh way. Croods was freed from the physical limitations of live actors, but we had the light, camera movement and dimensionality you can only get in CG animation. With such complete control, we began the design process with the characters themselves. We designed our cavemen to have longer arms, shorter legs, flatter heads, bigger teeth, etc. Having worked with them for years, they look perfectly normal to me now.

Also, my Facebook fan page is up! [link] So be sure and drop by there as well.

The trailer is coming. New artwork is coming. Sanders sounds psyched for his new film. So much good news packed into three paragraphs!

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