Monday, October 22, 2012

On Second Thought, Kill The Trees

This is gonna sound highly hypocritical coming so soon after my 'Save The Rainforest' post, but I WANT ONE OF THESE STORE DISPLAYS. I mean, yes, they are clearly cardboard. And no, they are probably not made of recycled materials. But if I was a tree and I had to die so that my pulpy innards could be squished into some sort of paper product, THIS is the paper product I would choose to be squished into.

Seriously, how cool would one of these look in your bedroom? (Answer: SUPER COOL) You'd be the envy of all of your animation-nerd friends. They'd make special pilgrimages to your home just to take pictures with it. Forget Ground Zero and the Wailing Wall. You'd have a multicolored mecca at the foot of your bed!

Just think of how much more amazing Mount Rushmore would be if it featured cartoon characters and doubled as a night table. I'm filling up with national pride just thinking about it. Sadly, this American Dream is just that -- A DREAM. But these top-heavy toy store displays are virtually a done deal. So quick, before the good jobs promised by our politicians suddenly materialize, apply for work at your local Toys 'R' Us or FAO Schwarz. The pay won't be great, but you'll have first dibs on one of these when it comes time to tear 'em down.

This post's concept design renderings for displays and in-store environments were done by Kerry Meier.

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