Friday, October 26, 2012

Fan Art Friday

This week's fan art comes courtesy of Zach, who is obviously a Time Lord. How do I know this? Easy. Just look at Zach's drawing style. It's the PERFECT BLEND of 1990s graffiti and 1890s newspaper illustration. The eyes in particular remind me of the original cartoon covers of Punch magazine, while Zach's Croods logo is like the Limp Bizkit lettering -- done right. This artistic amalgam is simply NOT FOUND among the citizens of linear time and space. Therefore, Zach's a Time Lord.

We are honored to have you here (however temporarily and/or eternally), m'lord.

To view more of Zach's art, visit the ancient pyramids of Egypt, the futuristic space colonies of Mars 3030, or click here.

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