Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Watched Pot Never Boils
(Or: I Could've Spent This Time Saving Kittens From Trees)

I'm sitting here, awaiting a trailer. Believe it or not, this is the FIRST TIME I've done this. I mean, I once bought a ticket to a movie I didn't really want to see so that I could watch the trailer for The Phantom Menace on the big screen. And I recently left my girlfriend waiting naked in the boudoir while I quietly clicked a link for The Avengers' first trailer. But sitting in front of a computer with the SOLE INTENTION of waiting for a trailer to appear? Never before. And it feels weird. And sorta pathetic.

How pathetic?

When my girlfriend woke up and saw me sitting at the computer, I actually tried to pretend like I was idly browsing the web with no particular purpose. I think I even made a point of trying to look bored. Needless to say, she saw through my ruse. She'd already heard waaay too much about today being the day that the trailer was going to drop to NOT know what I was doing.

Did I mention that I even got up early today? Not on purpose, but yeah, geeky as charged.

THIS IS JUST A TRAILER, after all. It could be a ten-year-old me's dream trailer, and the final film could still suck. (See: The aforementioned Phantom Menace) Flip that. The trailer could suck, but the movie could turn out to be a ten-year-old me's nomination for Best Picture Ever. (See: The Avengers) Either way, I'll live to see another day. If I'm lucky, that day will be sometime -- a long time! -- after March 22. Cuz no matter how big of a deal I'm currently making about today's trailer, I'm fully aware that it's the movie that matters.


Awaiting The Croods: The Agony & The Ecstasy
Awaiting The Croods: Great Expectations


  1. Aahahahahahaha... can't believe you're THAT nice. I'm waiting for the trailer TOO!!!!

  2. I'm waiting impatiently just like you.
    You don't have to worry. You're not patethic. Good luck for today!

  3. tell me about it!

    i've been the whole day at school thinking about it! no kidding!

    we're in this together xD!!

  4. Just checking in. When 8 AM e.s.t. came and went without a trailer, Mishka made me return to bed. I fell asleep for an hour or so, than re-awoke with a CERTAINTY that it had arrived.


    With a yogurt, a coffee and a freshly scrubbed face, I have returned to the pixel planet to continue my meaningless vigil.

    P.S. Mirko & Raghda: If what Chris Sanders wrote last night is true, we've less than an hour to go!

  5. Replies
    1. The ticking sound of the Mickey Mouse clock on my wall is growing noticeably louder and LOUDER and LOUDER...


  7. I was told by a friend that trailers from Dreamworks usually are released around 13:00-14:00 EST.

    1. So I can take off this adult diaper and use the toilet like a normal person? Good to know!

      (As always, Bob, YOU AMAZE.)