Wednesday, October 31, 2012


To see these spooky Chris Sanders sketches full size and uncut, click the link below.

Full Disclosure: That Ridiculous Smile? REAL.

Goofy, Stitch and I...Walt Disney World...Halloween 2011

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Want To Win Some Croods Pins?

Late last week, experiment626 sent me two sets of homemade Croods buttons. I'm keeping one set. YOU could win the other. Simply type 'I LOVE BUTTONS!' in the comments section of this post. Sunday at 11:59 PM I'll pick a winner at random and email them via the contact info from their comment.

UPDATE: This contest has ended.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Third Croods Review Appears, This One An Out-And-Out RAVE.

It's quickly becoming apparent that advance screenings of The Croods are happening with a smoothness and regularity that would make prunes proud. Between Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, I've already read over a dozens positive reactions to the film, and not one negative response.

So where's my review?

Well, I haven't actually seen the film yet. Truth is, I haven't even been invited. I figure the folks at DreamWorks want to keep me in the same sorta 'plausible deniability' category that the CIA uses with their 'unofficial' operatives like Blackwater and the Mission: Impossible guys. That way, were I to drop a string of f-bombs or a particularly painful turn of phrase (like, say, "with a smoothness and regularity that would make prunes proud"), DWA could immediately say, "Nope, never heard of him," to any angry parents groups or members of the mainstream press.

That said, F-BOMB, F-BOMB, F-BOMB!

I need to see The Croods!

And it's NOT because I've been doing an unofficial blog for the film since March and feel like it's the least that DreamWorks could do. I'm well aware: They owe me NOTHING.

Nor is it because I feel some sort of  'professional pride' and want to scoop the other animation websites with my Croods review. I'm also aware: I'm the entertainment journalism equivalent of a homeless guy with a cardboard 'Will blog for food' sign.

No, I need to see The Croods because I LOVE THE FILMS OF CHRIS SANDERS. And because I'm selfish...and impatient...and rave reviews like the one that Jim Hill published this morning only add fuel to these hellfire flaws.

Oh, you didn't read Jim Hill's review of The Croods yet? Then you didn't see where Hill called it, "completely charming" and "a skillful mix of comedy and adventure which has plenty of heart." Gosh, you're really missing out. So then you also didn't read where Hill wrote:

If you're a fan of Chris Sanders' previous directorial efforts, 2002's Lilo & Stitch and 2010's How to Train Your Dragon, you're just going to love The Croods. Which looks like someone took those sketchbooks that Sanders makes from San Diego Comic-Con and then shoved them straight into the camera. Chris' unique take on character design totally permeates this motion picture.

And you completely missed the part where he said:

The Croods has some really great messages about  family and parenthood, not to mention the necessity of growth and change.

Or Hill's prediction that:

[T]he break-out character for this upcoming DreamWorks Animation will be the green saber-toothed tiger-like character [...] the macawnivore. Whatever [...] lucky licensee wound up with the rights to make a plush version of this green tiger character [...] is going to make a buttload of money next year.

You didn't read any of that yet? Well, what are you wasting your time here for? Why read about it secondhand when you can go to Jim Hill Media and get it directly from the source? Don't worry. I'll be here when you return. It's not like I have any test screenings to attend...

F-Bomb. F-Bomb. F-Bomb. F-Bomb. F-Bomb. F-Bomb. F-Bomb. F-Bomb. F-Bomb. :)

Second Croods Review Hits The Net

Pink Monorail's Shelly Valladolid recently saw a sneak preview of The Croods, and she liked it! A lifelong Disney fan and author of the upcoming book, Manufacturing the Magic: A History of the American Theme Park, Valladolid is well versed in both cartoons and their creators. This is immediately apparent in her review of The Croods, where the first thing she raves about is:

Finally, we get to see one of [Chris Sanders'] “GIRLS”!  He’s tied with Freddie Moore and Doug Sneyd for my fave “girly” artists. It’s amazing how Eep is definitely a Sanders Girl but also definitely Emma Stone.

Ms. Stone wasn't the only voice actor Valladolid was impressed with, though.

One of my companions said afterward, “That was Nicholas Cage? I didn’t know he could act!” Ha ha. Very funny. But you forget who the voices are and get involved – emotionally – with the characters.

I know that DreamWorks pays a lot of money to have marquee names attached to their 'toons, but being able to "forget" those names while watching a film is probably the BEST compliment you can give a voice actor.

Back to Chris Sanders! Sanders specializes in drawing two things: Curvy girls and cute critters. Valladolid already told us that she adored Eep. But what did she think of The Croods' creatures?

There are owl cats, and horrible beautiful bird things, and amazing sea creatures in the desert…really, really imaginative and fully believable in this world. [...] You might be seeing lots of artwork of what looks like a big green tiger thing. The filmmakers are calling it a Macawnivore. Be warned: if you own a dog and live near a movie theater, give them doggie downers to save their sanity, because about 5/6 of the way through the film, it is featured in a moment where all of the females and a good half of the males in the theater will put their fists up to their mouths and emit a sound that only dogs can hear, because it is so adorable that if adorable could kill you, Chris Sanders would be a mass murderer.  An adorable, adorable mass murderer.

"If adorable could kill you, Chris Sanders would be a mass murderer. An adorable, adorable mass murderer."

GREAT PULL-QUOTE! Is it too late to slap that on the movie poster?

As for the look of the film, Valladolid LOVED it.

The visuals are stunning. The worlds that Sanders puts these characters into -and the fauna with which he and his stellar team inhabit them – are jaw-droppingly amazing.

The few complaints she does have sound relatively minor.

The action scene at the beginning is kind of boring, and the derivative joke is hammered too many times.  I get it, I get it, what they’re doing is just like modern ________.  Okay, enough all ready.  The second act gets a little slow.  Okay, we get it. ____ is threatened by how much the others love _____.  Move ON!

With the exception of "the action scene at the beginning," these are all things that could be nipped and tucked if the filmmakers felt the need.

All in all, though? Valladolid gives it her seal of approval.

The ending of The Croods is strong, believable, and even though these folks are just a little before the right time…human. I want to encourage you to look past the trailer (the film is NOTHING like Brave, except that you care about the characters) and give the film a shot.

Hmn. I guess I'd be willing to "give the film a shot." Maybe. We'll see...

To read Valladolid's review of The Croods, click here.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Fan Art Friday

This week's fan art comes courtesy of Zach, who is obviously a Time Lord. How do I know this? Easy. Just look at Zach's drawing style. It's the PERFECT BLEND of 1990s graffiti and 1890s newspaper illustration. The eyes in particular remind me of the original cartoon covers of Punch magazine, while Zach's Croods logo is like the Limp Bizkit lettering -- done right. This artistic amalgam is simply NOT FOUND among the citizens of linear time and space. Therefore, Zach's a Time Lord.

We are honored to have you here (however temporarily and/or eternally), m'lord.

To view more of Zach's art, visit the ancient pyramids of Egypt, the futuristic space colonies of Mars 3030, or click here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Les Croods & Die Croods Trailers

On October 3, I posted the English language trailer for The Croods. This past Tuesday, I embedded the Spanish language version. Today, it's the French and German editions.

But if all of these trailers feature the exact same footage, what's the point?


As soon as I find the Chinese and Japanese trailers, I plan to play them all simultaneously, at top volume. If I close my eyes and drink plenty of coffee, I should be able to convince myself that I'm riding on a Croods-themed version of It's A Small World.


You decide.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

These Contests Are For Reals, Yo.

From the Tumblr of rubitintomyeyes:

I got the signed Chris Sanders print in the mail that I won from the croods contest! Thank you to thecroods.tumblr! I did some light touch up to my face to cover blemishes, I hope you don’t mind. I’m not a model seriously.

Congratulations, r. I’m glad you like it!

Oh, and to everyone else: There's another contest...COMING SOON.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Los Croods Trailer

Un regalo especial para mi amigos españolas: Los Croods trailer en español! Haga clic aquí para ver el sitio web oficial en español.

Monday, October 22, 2012

On Second Thought, Kill The Trees

This is gonna sound highly hypocritical coming so soon after my 'Save The Rainforest' post, but I WANT ONE OF THESE STORE DISPLAYS. I mean, yes, they are clearly cardboard. And no, they are probably not made of recycled materials. But if I was a tree and I had to die so that my pulpy innards could be squished into some sort of paper product, THIS is the paper product I would choose to be squished into.

Seriously, how cool would one of these look in your bedroom? (Answer: SUPER COOL) You'd be the envy of all of your animation-nerd friends. They'd make special pilgrimages to your home just to take pictures with it. Forget Ground Zero and the Wailing Wall. You'd have a multicolored mecca at the foot of your bed!

Just think of how much more amazing Mount Rushmore would be if it featured cartoon characters and doubled as a night table. I'm filling up with national pride just thinking about it. Sadly, this American Dream is just that -- A DREAM. But these top-heavy toy store displays are virtually a done deal. So quick, before the good jobs promised by our politicians suddenly materialize, apply for work at your local Toys 'R' Us or FAO Schwarz. The pay won't be great, but you'll have first dibs on one of these when it comes time to tear 'em down.

This post's concept design renderings for displays and in-store environments were done by Kerry Meier.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fan Art Friday

Woo-hoo! Two Eeps in two weeks. We're on a roll!

Today's fan art is from Selsea012. Talk about DREAMY. I love how Eep is gazing off into the distance while her body sinks slowly into the lush, green foliage. It makes me want to have an afternoon picnic on top of a redwood. Oh, and did I mention Selsea012's use of color? So RICH, so WARM, so seemingly effortless in its application. My eyeballs feel drunk.

To view more of Selsea012's art, click here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's Official: Croods Tie-In Books Kill More Trees Than Dutch Elm Disease, Illegal Logging & Sauroman The White Combined

Okay, so maybe that's a mild exaggeration of a blatant untruth, but you get what I'm getting at. We're still six months from The Croods' release, and there are already SEVEN separate tie-in books available for pre-order.

Some might say that's just good business. You need to have an ample supply if you're gonna meet a strong demand. Then again, others might say, "Aaargh! Stop! I am a huge nerd for Chris Sanders' films and my obsessive-compulsive disorder compels me to buy each and every item connected to his work. The more merchandise that's released, the more I'm gonna buy. The more I buy, the poorer I'm gonna get. The poorer I get, the more likely I am to file for bankruptcy. And if I file for bankruptcy in this fragile economy, I might very well be the proverbial straw that breaks this country's camel's back."

First these books kill the rainforests, now they're gunning for God's blessed America? BAD BOOKS! BAD!

To find out more about Grug's Survival Guide, Here Come the Croods and The Croods' Family Road Trip, click here, here and here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Everything Old Is New Again

The new Spanish movie poster for The Croods is the same as the old American teaser poster. I know that I should probably raise some stink about DreamWorks recycling images, but with an image this eye-catching, they'd be fools NOT to!

DreamWorks storyboard artist Steven MacLeod is the man responsible for this poster. He recently wrote about how he landed the gig on his blog, Clockroom. (See the post, The Croods Are Coming.) Oh, and while you're there, be sure to check out the fingernail sketches MacLeod did for last month's bright blue movie poster. This guy's got a real gift for poster design. If the FBI ever puts me on their 'Most Wanted' list, I hope they hire MacLeod to design my Post Office pin-up.

(Note to MacLeod: My left side is my 'good' side.)

UPDATE: Turns out, this is NOT the official Spanish language poster. It's a fan made mock-up. Still, GREAT IMAGE.

Monday, October 15, 2012

What Starts Off As A Simple Screencaps Post Quickly Devolves Into An Embarrassing Admission Of Prejudice And Stupidity

Good ol' Google Images. Six seconds of searching, and look at the gems unearthed! These freeze-frames from the Croods trailer certainly do showcase the beautiful CG work currently being done at DreamWorks, don't you agr--


"...beautiful CG work..."?

"...done at DreamWorks"?!

I know, I know. It surprised me, too. Just typing that sentence made me feel like what I imagine standing up at an AA meeting for the first time must feel like.

"My name is Ju-osh, and I am an old school animation snob."

There, I said it. Now the healing can begin. But first -- just like in AA -- you're gonna have to sit there and listen to my long-winded tale of redemption. (Unlike AA, you're responsible for your own coffee and donuts. Sorry!)


As a wee babe weened on the teat of hand-drawn animation, it took me quite a while to completely embrace CGI. Oh, sure, I loved the first two Toy Story films and appreciated the little bits and pieces of CG that crept into such films as Beauty & The Beast and Aladdin, but it took me 'til the year 2010 to fully fall in love with the medium.

What happened in 2010, you ask? Did I finally smash my thick, celluloid-lovin' skull against some sort of aesthetic rock-bottom? Nope. Quite the opposite. 2010 was the year that not one, not two, but THREE super good CG cartoons were released: Tangled, How To Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 3. And it was this one-two-three CG punch that finally turned me from a wary spectator to an all-out admirer.

I know that this probably sounds ridiculous.

I mean, it's hard to believe that ANY animation fan would hold out that long before embracing computer generated 'toons. But for a fella who has dedicated a year of his life to blogging about a CG flick to have felt this way? It's nuts! I must come off like that junkie, jailbird uncle who suddenly "finds God" and then comes to Thanksgiving armed with near-beer, Jack Chick comics, and a really, really long and pious prayer. Recent converts are the worst, right?

Well, I'm still not a blind fan of CGI, if that helps. I mean, I liked The Secret World of Arrietty waaay more than Brave. It's just that, pre-2010, I never would've been able to sit down to something like ParaNormal without a small tinge of dread. No matter how excited I was for a CG cartoon pre-2010, I always felt myself lowing my expectations while entering the theater. I know that a lot of this was just my old man aesthetics and old school prejudices, but let's be honest -- most of the CG movies released in the 2000s sucked. In the $tudios' rush to employ (i.e. EXPLOIT) this hot 'new' style of animation, they seemed to forget all about character, story and heart. Oh, and let's not even get into what was passing for appealing design back then.

Here's where the blame for my stupidity shifts back to me.

But in my general disregard for the CG flicks of the 00s, I failed to keep one simple truth in mind. It wasn't the computers that were letting me down. It was the folks operating them. (And the $tudios operating those folks!)

While this appears obvious to me now, it definitely wasn't then. With the exception of a few Pixar flicks, it seemed like CG was just an acronym for 'cash grab.' So like that elderly grandparent who mistakes all rap for gangsta rap, I made a sweeping damnation of the medium.

(I wasn't alone in this damnation, either. A quick review of Ain't It Cool News reveals every talking animal/smart-ass alien/creepily mo-capped cartoon from the 00s to be the 'Worst. Movie. Ever.')

Ah, but then came 2010. With Tangled, How To Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 3, CG suddenly seemed as natural a tool for creating heartfelt and moving cartoons as ink and paint. I sat through each of these movies with a smile on my face and an occasional tear in my eye. (In the case of Toy Story 3, LOTS of tears in BOTH eyes.) Not once did I find myself wincing at some small quirk in the CG, lamenting its limitations, or shaking my head at an extremely uneven battle between style and substance. No, these were just REALLY GOOD CARTOONS -- full stop. And having three of 'em in one year? Well, that proved that it wasn't just some fluke. It proved that Pixar wasn't the sole possessor of some magical, mystical algorithm for quality CG. Disney could do it. DreamWorks could do it. And if I allowed myself to admit the truth, quite a few others had already done it, too. Richard Linklater's Waking Life. Miller and Lord's Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Makoto Shinkai's Voices Of A Distant Star. David O'Reilly's Please Say Something. All totally different types of films. All totally successful in their individual aims. All of 'em animated in glorious CGI.

So anyway, about those screencaps.

Pretty impressive, eh? Frankly, I'm not surprised. I'm been a fan of CG for YEARS.

NOTE: All of the Croods screen-caps used in this article come from Flavio Remontti's fantastic website, The Concept Art Blog. If you speak Portuguese, Remontti's site will provide you with a wealth of info about recent and upcoming video games, movies and cartoons. Heck, even if you don't speak Portuguese, there are enough gorgeous pictures there to keep you busy for days. Obrigado, Flavio!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fan Art Friday

Today's fan art is our first ever portrait of Eep. It's from an artist with the angelic appellation 'SeraphHime.' I love how SeraphHime kept everything blurry except Eep's eyes. The way she outlined the eyes in black, leaving the pupils paper white while coloring the irises that lovely shade of makes Eep's soulful stare pop. Rather haunting, really.

To view more of SeraphHime's art, click here.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Want To Win This Autographed Chris Sanders Print?

You can!


But only if your name is the name drawn completely at random by an unbiased, unfeeling, uncaring computer that is not easily swayed by the animated gifs, flirty emoticons or an excessive usage of exclamation marks.

To enter, simply join our small band of followers in the lower right-hand side of this blog. Anyone who already a follower is instantly entered.

At 11:59 pm E.S.T. on October 18, I'll paste all of the followers into excel and randomize the list to pick a winner. I'll send the winner an email requesting their name and mailing address, so you must use a real email address if you want to win.

Good luck!


Monday, October 8, 2012

A Look At The Logos

Warning: The following article takes the dissection of minutia to an all new low. I mean, LOGOS? Who cares about logos? What is this, Pixar? KIDDING. Still, over the years, DreamWorks has had its fair share of lackluster logos, especially when compared to the Emeryville elite.  Will the logo(s) chosen for The Croods make or break this tarnished rep? Let's take a look at the four logos released thus far and see. Going in chronological order, the first logo is...


This rust stained abomination was the logo that DreamWorks used to introduce The Croods to the world. Boasting the same sorta hideous font that Applebee's uses to promote a new line of hot wings or some other super-spicy nonsense, this thing screamed, 'WELL, THE LICENSING PEOPLE NEEDED SOMETHING!'

Creating a quickie logo for this film shouldn't have been too tough. It's an animated movie about a family of CAVE PEOPLE who are forced to leave their CAVE. Even if DreamWorks' marketing department was pressed for time and the regular logo/lettering staff were all out sick due to some Comic Sans-related illnesses, wouldn't the first idea that popped into every pencil-pusher's head still have been--


Yes! Seriously, was that so hard? And while I know that using STONE LETTERS to denote a film set in the STONE AGE may seem a li'l obvious, it's obvious for a reason: BECAUSE IT WORKS.

I'd reference that ol' axiom about 'not reinventing the wheel,' but guess what? The folks who created this logo already did that with the two Os in the middle of 'Croods.' Not only does this small sight gag add an extra bit of cartooniness to the already cartoony-looking letters, it also hints at a (rumored) scene from the film -- one where the new guy, Guy, upgrades the Crood clan from square wheels to round ones. I love it!

Next up...

Life Savers & Toilet Paper Rolls

Did you know that if you chomp on Wintergreen Life Savers in the dark that you'll create a mouthful of small, blue sparks? S'True! It's due to a process called triboluminescence. Triboluminescence is the optimal phenomenon of when light is emitted by friction. In the case of Wintergreen Life Savers, the ingredient methyl salicylate reacts when crushed against sugar. This creates a small electrical charge which is manifested in the form of light energy.

What do Life Savers have to do with The Croods? I was wondering the same thing!

This logo hit the 'net a month or so ago, and honestly, I don't get it. For all intents and purposes, this is the exact same logo as the rock one. Only, they nixed the rocks. Why? I dunno. Maybe someone felt the rocks were too -- what -- cliche?

While it's true that everything from The Flintstones to that old Sega game, Bonk, used rock lettering to clue their intended audiences in to their product's prehistoric setting, does that make it any less effective? Is instilling your audience with an instant sense of familiarity now considered a bad thing? Cuz from what I've learned from Mad Men, that used to be a logo's goal. (And watching five seasons of a TV show is really all it takes to understand the intricacies of advertising, right?)

Oh, no. It just hit me. Not why DreamWorks got rid of the rocks, but why they chose to replace them with a bunch of large white letters that do nothing more than show a now completely-out-of-context 'square wheel' gag and a greater sense of depth.

Hint: It lies in the phrase, "a greater sense of depth."

It's a 3D thang.

Plain White Ts (and Hs and Es...)

Along with September's gorgeous new teaser poster came this slightly modified logo. For those blind folks having this article read to them via one of those robotic, OK Computer-sounding voices, this logo looks just like the last one, sans the 3D effect. While I'd never have thought that simply dropping the drop-shadows would be enough to flush the toilet paper roll comparisons from my mind, it did. So...success?

My gal, Mishka, feels that this logo is the logical choice. She said, "The new poster is so colorful, they needed the white logo to make the title stand out." She's probably right. She usually is. But that doesn't mean she's gonna get the last word. No, I'm saving that for me, in my big 'In Closing' finale.

In Closing...

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has read this far (shout-outs to you, Mom! Oh, wait. She's dead.) that the 'rocks' logo is my favorite. Simple and symbolic, it does EXACTLY what a movie logo aims to do: It quickly and efficiently lets an oblivious audience know what lies ahead. Not only that, it's playful. Eye-catching. Potentially iconic. And with that little 'square wheel' gag tossed in there almost as an aside, it's going to provide audiences leaving the theater with a small, knowing chuckle as they pass by the movie poster on their way to their cars.

(I guess the toilet paper rolls in the third logo would provide the exiting audience with a slightly different subliminal cue as they make their way to the restrooms, but that the message DreamWorks is hoping to send?)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Here It Is! The Trailer! Right Here!

Now with an intro from the directors!

My scattered, sleep-deprived thoughts:

I am so, so thrilled by this trailer! It's captivating. It's beautiful. And how cool is it that DreamWorks chose a tone of wonder and adventure instead of aiming for an imagined lowest common denominator and/or piling on the 'tude?

The scale of everything is awesome. The first time that parrot/turtle mash-up flies overhead...whoa. And when the trailer quickly cuts through the various environments that the Croods will encounter, my eyeballs went into sugar shock. Seeing this on the big screen will surely be something special.

Family. The fact that the WHOLE TRAILER was centered on the family only heightened my hopes that this will be yet another Chris Sanders (and Kirk De Micco!) masterpiece. Sanders' thematic specialty thus far has been the exploration of fractured families. His silly and sensitive insights into the endless struggles of keeping a family together are what made me first fall in love with his work. The Croods looks to continue this exploration.

The Croods themselves look great. In Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics, McCloud says something to the effect of, 'The more cartoony the character, the more it allows the reader (or viewer) to personally identify with them.' Thankfully, Sanders and De Micco have chosen an unabashedly animated approach to their leads' looks. No photo-realistic faces is good faces, I always say. (Well, I will from now on, anyway.)

Did I mention BEAUTIFUL?

Commenter Bob summed this all up perfectly, saying, "The trailer was everything I thought it was going to be and maybe even more."


What do y'all think?

A Watched Pot Never Boils
(Or: I Could've Spent This Time Saving Kittens From Trees)

I'm sitting here, awaiting a trailer. Believe it or not, this is the FIRST TIME I've done this. I mean, I once bought a ticket to a movie I didn't really want to see so that I could watch the trailer for The Phantom Menace on the big screen. And I recently left my girlfriend waiting naked in the boudoir while I quietly clicked a link for The Avengers' first trailer. But sitting in front of a computer with the SOLE INTENTION of waiting for a trailer to appear? Never before. And it feels weird. And sorta pathetic.

How pathetic?

When my girlfriend woke up and saw me sitting at the computer, I actually tried to pretend like I was idly browsing the web with no particular purpose. I think I even made a point of trying to look bored. Needless to say, she saw through my ruse. She'd already heard waaay too much about today being the day that the trailer was going to drop to NOT know what I was doing.

Did I mention that I even got up early today? Not on purpose, but yeah, geeky as charged.

THIS IS JUST A TRAILER, after all. It could be a ten-year-old me's dream trailer, and the final film could still suck. (See: The aforementioned Phantom Menace) Flip that. The trailer could suck, but the movie could turn out to be a ten-year-old me's nomination for Best Picture Ever. (See: The Avengers) Either way, I'll live to see another day. If I'm lucky, that day will be sometime -- a long time! -- after March 22. Cuz no matter how big of a deal I'm currently making about today's trailer, I'm fully aware that it's the movie that matters.


Awaiting The Croods: The Agony & The Ecstasy
Awaiting The Croods: Great Expectations

Sanders Confirms Trailer's Imminent Release

From Sanders' deviantART page:

A lot of things to tell you about this morning. First, I've gotten the word that our first Croods trailer will be up and active on Apple Trailers [link] tomorrow morning, October 3rd. I've heard that it's gonna be up at 8:00 AM, but I'm not sure if thats California time or East Coast time. My guess is that's California time.

This is the teaser trailer, and since it was cut we've very nearly finished animating the film. More trailers will follow, but not for a little while. Be sure and check it out - our talented crew has really outdone themselves this time. Some of my favorite movies were caveman themed - Quest For Fire, Caveman, etc. But I never dreamed I'd get to make one myself. The cool thing about this is that we've gotten a chance to present cavemen in a fresh way. Croods was freed from the physical limitations of live actors, but we had the light, camera movement and dimensionality you can only get in CG animation. With such complete control, we began the design process with the characters themselves. We designed our cavemen to have longer arms, shorter legs, flatter heads, bigger teeth, etc. Having worked with them for years, they look perfectly normal to me now.

Also, my Facebook fan page is up! [link] So be sure and drop by there as well.

The trailer is coming. New artwork is coming. Sanders sounds psyched for his new film. So much good news packed into three paragraphs!

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Pics Provide Close-Up Looks At Characters' Personalities, Critters' Plaque

Bless your bytes, Google Alerts. When you promise to provide up-to-the-minute movie info, you certainly do deliver.

Last week, you led me to Snapco's line of Croods movie theater swag. Today, you brought me these colorful character shots, courtesy of P&L Global Network. If, in the next couple of days, you wanted to drop a hi-def, full-length trailer in my lazy lap, I certainly wouldn't complain.