Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Internet Adores Those New Croods Pics

When Entertainment Weekly released their three exclusive pics from The Croods last week, the internet went wild. My much-maligned Google Alerts began arriving almost immediately, clocking in at roughly five per hour -- all of 'em ecstatic.

Take's positive proclamation:
"Of the tidal wave of animated films that are on the horizon (and trust us, there are a bunch), DreamWorks Animation's The Croods is one that is worth getting very excited about. [...] While we wish the Sanders touch was more immediately evident (like characters that look like they could just as easily be balloon animals), you have to consider how long the project has been around and how many developers have been a part of it. We think that his input will be more clearly visible as we start seeing trailers and more images, ahead of its spring 2013 release."

Not too shabby, eh? They even put a spirited spin on their sole aesthetic apprehension.

The animation aficionados at went even further, completely withdrawing their previous reservations:
"Originally [...] we called The Croods’ character design 'generic.' But after seeing these stills and reading more of the plot summary, this film could have a lot of potential. The film has everything you need in a good story: a struggling family, a forbidden love story and, of course, a prehistoric setting. Ok, maybe the last one’s a stretch, but it will still be fun to see a film about a Flinstones era family."

It seems that the more folks see of The Croods, the more they're looking forward to it. Where the film's first poster brought gags and guffaws, the most recent pics have ignited the internet's interest in the film.

A similar thing happened back in 2009/10 with Chris Sanders' last flick, How To Train Your Dragon. Folks HATED the first images of the film's human characters. Then, little by little (well, dragon image by dragon image), the chat room reactions turned. By the time the trailer hit, the cartoon crowd was hooked. And when the film was finally released? Eyeball orgasms.

Here's hoping the same thing happens with The Croods.

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