Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Cover Art for The Art of The Croods (DROOL)

Croods visual designer, Arthur Fong, is quickly becoming this blog's go-to guy for new info and artwork. In the past few months, Fong has dropped bite-sized news nuggets about the limited edition poster he did with Chris Sanders, a progress report from the visual design department, and the first official quote as to the trailer's release date. Now Fong is back with yet ANOTHER tasty bit o' eye-candy:

The cover art he created for The Art of The Croods.

Featuring at least one brand new critter and a much clearer look at the Crood clan's faces, this is one of those images that makes a Croods-cravin' cretin like me salivate all over my already spittle-soaked keyboard. (Ew! Just typing that made me want to swap laptops with my girlfriend. Okay, done. But, shhh -- don't tell her. While she accepts certain bodily fluids as an unavoidable part of our enduring entanglement, touchpads dripping with drool are still a definite no-no.)


Correct me if I'm wrong, but those adorable Stitch-shaped critters (in the top left corner) are a new addition to the Croods menagerie, aren't they? And I LOVE how the prairie dog-dogs and elephant-mice from the third poster are drawn here. Too cute! As for the humans, this is my favorite version of Emma Stone's character, Eep, thus far, and Cloris Leachman's Gran looks like the misunderstood villain from some unproduced Rankin-Bass caveman Christmas special.

Astute (an/or borderline obsessive) fans will have already sussed out the small section of the plot portrayed in this picture. For the rest of you (i.e. the healthy ones), allow me to quote Entertainment Weekly's re-cap of the Croods footage screened at Comic-Con:

The [film] starts out with a distinctly Brave-like feel, featuring the eldest, unnamed daughter escaping her cave to scale a sheer cliff face. Then after her family’s cave is ruined, the dusty, monochromatic world of the Croods explodes into a wildly lush and dangerous landscape filled with giant animals and vibrantly colorful plant life.

You see what Fong did here? He summed up a paragraph's worth of plot with one sumptuous image. Slick.

HEY, DREAMWORKS! Care for some unsolicited advice from an untested amateur? This image would make the IDEAL teaser poster to hang in theaters this winter. Simply swap out Fong's paintings for the 'on-model' CG characters, add a few more critters (like, say, the amazingly awesome saber-tooth tiger), and then blow this sucker up to 27" x 40". AUDIENCES WOULD BE IN AWE. Interest in the film would skyrocket. John Lasseter would panic and green-light Cars 3. And the only downside? (Well, other than a Cars 3?) The large puddles of saliva on the lobby floor.

You can pre-order The Art of The Croods here.


  1. There is no much there there but the web site for the movie is now up.

    1. Aaah! So much new info in such a short amount of time! I keep thinking of the scene in 'The Shining' when the elevator slides open...

  2. You won't get your wish for now but here is the first official poster for the movie.

    1. You know that saying about "great minds"? Refresh the blog homepage. :)

    2. I saw that and yeah!