Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Commenter Bob Proclaims, "The Trailer Is Nigh!"

Commenter Bob, the most valuable investigative resource this blogger has found since Google, has done it again. Through an unusual bit of online investigating, Bob has discovered that not only is the first trailer for The Croods coming, it's COMING SOON!

Commenter Bob's first big break (in what I'm opting to call 'the case') came in a blog post from Croods visual development artist, Arthur Fong. While announcing the good news that he had been chosen as the cover artist for the upcoming The Art of The Croods book, Fong dropped this ten word tease regarding the teaser:

"Keep an eye out for the trailer coming in October."

Ah-ha! You see that? A clue. And the game was afoot...

Like a bloodhound who had just caught the scent, Commenter Bob was off, Googling god-knows-what in order to find THIS:

A list of upcoming film trailers approved by ratings bureau of Alberta, Canada.

Random, right? But there it is, listed right at the top. Dated September 24, rated G, and with a running time of 2 minutes and 15 seconds: The trailer for The Croods. This is what the impossibly attractive TV detectives refer to as "pretty damning evidence," and it's all due to the irrepressible instincts and investigations of one Commenter Bob.

The trailer IS nigh!


  1. Thanks Ju-osh.

    Let's take a wild guess when the trailer comes out. I say it will be October 5th.

  2. This is the sort of uber-nerdy fun-fact you should be proud NOT to know:
    Recently, DreamWorks Animation has been releasing their trailers on Wednesdays.
    So...the 3rd?

  3. I'm not that familiar when trailers are released but I'm guessing it will be on a Thursday this time around. I thought that was the 5th but its actually the 4th so I'll change it. I originally thought the trailer was going to come out in time so it would play in front of Hotel Transylvania but now I think it will play in front of Frankenweenie. Regardless, of when it comes out, I'm just happy that it is happening soon.

  4. Agreed!

    Semi-related: Care to share why you're so eagerly awaiting The Croods? I could give you a guest column...

  5. I really wouldn't have much to say, I'm a big fan of Chris Sanders so for me it's more about him than the movie but thanks for the offer, I truly appreciate it.