Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Croods Production Art Debuts at 'DreamWorlds' Exhibit

DreamWorks Animation has taken over the Steven Spielberg Building at USC, displaying HUNDREDS of pieces of artwork from their ever-increasing film library in 'DreamWorlds Behind the Scenes: Production Art from DreamWorks.'

Scattered among the DOZENS of Kung-Fu Panda paintings, statues and sketches in this exhibit are a handful sneak peaks at DreamWorks' upcoming flicks.

Among these are FOUR pre-production paintings from The Croods.

Of these, only ONE has hit the internet thus far.

And it's blurry.

Really blurry.

Like, take-off-your-glasses-and-splash-pepper-spray-scented-shampoo-in-your-eyes blurry.

Or maybe it's just a watercolor or pastel or a really amazing piece of CG.

Whichever, new pics are good pics. You know why? Cuz no pics means more of these.

Thanks to commenter Bob for the heads-up. Thanks to Jim Hill Media for the photo.

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