Monday, August 13, 2012

Croods VFX Supervisor Teases Film's "Villain"

I'd always assumed that my fairy-god-parent would be a large, White woman with magical powers and a good eye for carriage design. Turns out he's an extremely well-connected commenter with a gift for finding links. For the third time in three weeks(!), commenter Bob has dropped a delicious link in my undeserving lap. This one is for an interview with Croods VFX supervisor, Markus Manninen.

A brief excerpt:

We thought of [...] the world as a teenager. It’s still forming, it’s still experimenting, things are happening, and there’s a big disaster aspect that pushes this family on their journey and really becomes the villain of the film in some ways. [...] We have big eruptions and lots of interaction with the characters. We have water, rain…all the elements come to life in this movie and create obstacles for our characters, whether it’s in a threatening way or a comedic way. And this is a film where the family is forced out of their comfort zone and the elements become their way of coming together and experiencing something new and they have to adapt and they have to evolve.

To read the entire interview, click here.

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