Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top 3 Google Alerts for The Croods: 7/15-7/21

When you sign up for Google Alerts, the results are always gonna be unpredictable. Take my seemingly innocuous request for alerts about The Croods. When I first arranged for email updates about any and all internet mentions of Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco's upcoming animated film, I figured I'd get one or two a week, with most of them being dryly worded DreamWorks press releases. Boy, was I wrong. Turns out, I get dozens. DAILY. The lion's share are links to this site, but there are also an exponentially increasing number of b.s. websites claiming to have the entire film for immediate download. (VIRUS ALERT!)

Still, amidst this avalanche of unwanted alerts, there are some notable mentions. Take Thursdays' early morning email informing me that the esteemed animation site, Cartoon Brew, had named me as a "via" in their post about Sanders' free Comic-Con Croods print. This led hundreds of new visitors to this site, and got me three new 'followers.' (Sad but true: This literally doubled my 'follower' count.)

On the opposite end of the all-ages spectrum was one of Monday, July 16th's Google Alerts:

Meanwhile, down on the exhibition floor, a buxom woman in a white blazer without a blouse talked up a graphic novel called "Whore," at a booth across from the one where DreamWorks Animation was giving out posters from its family film "The Croods."

That was an excerpt from Rebecca Keegan's Los Angeles Times piece about the "culture clash" that is Comic-Con. A good article, but a GREAT Google Alert.

Care to dive a li'l deeper down the creepy crevasse? Friday's first Google Alert not only prompted this piece, it also inspired me to add a special pocket for pepper spray in the Croods costume I'm creating.

Cartoon Brew reports that animator/director Chris Sanders (Lilo & Stitch) was giving out this colored print for The Croods, the coming 2013 Disney animated feature, at the Comic-Con last week. We don’t know yet if any of its animals are anthropomorphic, but there are enough exotic non-human critters to please most Furry fans.

That sexy bit of syntax comes courtesy of The Furry News Network. No, I did NOT make that website up. Yes, it appears that even the Furries are eagerly awaiting The Croods. With this rarely-mentioned yet highly-sought-after naughty niche audience on board, it looks like The Croods is destined to make beaucoup bucks, amassing accolades and awards until finally being crowned the all-time box office champion.


Well, it'll at least make for some more memorable Google Alerts.

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  1. For the record, I've been following in my RSS reader of choice and normally overlook the Google Follower thing...but never let it be said I'm ashamed to declare my admiration for Chris Sanders and this blog for all the world to see! I'm proud to be a follower here and I don't care who knows it.