Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Art of The Croods Available for Pre-Order

“Long time lurker” Bob slipped me this scoop via the comments section:

There's an Amazon pre-order page for The Art of The Croods by Noela Hueso!

So far, the only info about this book is that it’s 160 pages, hardcover, and doesn’t come out until March 26, 2013. While it’s safe to say that there will be loads of pre-production art, a handful of behind the scenes photos, and a page or two of quotes from the cast and crew, let’s not rush to fill in all the blanks just yet. After all, we still have that gorgeous cover image to pore over. The colors are saturated and sumptuous, like visiting the fruits and veggies section of the supermarket without yer glasses. The glaring white background brings to mind the Comic-Con rumor that the movie opens in black & white before bursting into color. And the people pictured? They are the single BEST image of the cave folk thus far.


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