Monday, July 9, 2012

Chris Sanders' Comic-Con Catalog pt. 1

Comic-Con 2012 starts this Thursday, and Chris Sanders is bringing loads of goodies to sell and give away. What you see listed below is the only HALF of what Sanders plans on packing for the four day event. To see the rest, click here.

NOTE: Due to work and family and countless other honorable-sounding responsibilities that I am listing in lieu of the word 'poverty,' I will not be able to attend this year's Comic-Con. Should any of this site's readers wish to earn extra karma points and/or cross 'give a gift to a blogger' off of their bucket list, please feel free to send me anything from this list. Or have Chris Sanders scribble me a quick sketch of Stitch. Whatever's easier for you. Seriously, I'm not picky.

From Chris Sanders’ official website:

Comic Con Booth 5534

Okay, so the first thing you need to know is that I’ve moved. I’ll be in a new place on the floor this year, hopefully easier to find than in the past. I liked the neighborhood I was in, which was very near Stuart Ng, but my visibility was about zero, so I’m giving this new location a try. I’m pretty sure I’m against the front wall, but check your maps just to make sure. Here’s the stuff I’ll have:

Old sketchbooks

To my surprise, as I was signing sketchbooks, I found a very few copies of sketchbook 2 and 3, which I was sure were gone for good. If you’re looking to pick them up, I think I’ll have enough for Wednesday night, but I’m sure they’ll be gone by Thursday sometime.

Sketchbook 1X, covers A and B

As I was nearing the printing deadline for the new sketchbook, I realized it was going to be another last-minute dash to get everything in. This would have meant leaving some drawings unfinished, uncolored, or leaving them out entirely. So I opted to do something I’d been thinking about for years – reprint the very first sketchbook from seven years ago. If you weren’t at that Con you had no chance of getting that sketchbook, and since then I’ve answered many questions as to whether it would be made available again. You could argue that it was never really printed in the first place, since it was run off on a high-end Xerox machine. That process printed the images in a rather low-res dot pattern, and several sepia colored drawings were reproduced in grey. This edition restores all the drawings to their original appearance, upgrades their resolution, and moves the original cover to a fold-out in the center. I’ve re-drawn that girl in two different versions for the new cover (that’s the original book in her hand) – choose whichever one you like best! As always, every sketchbook is only 10 dollars. Even the rare ones.

Croods poster image 1

Now this is important. As a little promo for The Croods, which I am currently finishing for a spring release, I’ll be giving away this poster in the amount of 600 per day. Free, to anyone that comes by. It’s a collaboration between myself and Aurthur Fong, and features two of the characters from the film. They’re set against a background of story sketches from the making of the movie. It’s 20 x 24, and printed on heavy textured stock. This is a Con exclusive, and will never be available any other place, ever. So come by, bring a friend, and we can chat about the movie. You might meet Aurthur, who will be stopping by, and he can tell you how to paint like this, although it may take a few days. Oh, those little colored squares won’t be on yours. This was the untrimmed proof. Which is the one I’ll be keeping.

Tattoo Girl bottle

24 oz. aluminum water bottle with wrap-around Chris Sanders artwork. This will keep you hydrated while you wander the floor.

Pineapple Girl bottle

Another bottle, if you prefer your water in a mango-colored container. These will sell for 20 dollars. The lid is a new type that snaps shut. Very satisfying.

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