Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Croods & Dragons Posters Released

For more than 100 years, Las Vegas was America's premier destination for legalized prostitution. Then a 1971 law squashed Sin City's sex trade, unwittingly opening the door to an even ickier industry -- corporate whoring. Cue the Licensing Expo 2012. The Expo is sorta like a red light district for major movie studios. It's where they go to show off their upcoming films, pimping out the most promising pictures to toy makers and t-shirt companies looking to blow their wads on something new and different. recently braved this modern day Madison Avenue and Gomorra, bringing back dozens of photos. Posted above are the two I'm most excited about. While the new Croods poster is only slightly different than the last teaser that DreamWorks leaked, the Dragons poster is the first official image from the much-anticipated sequel.

To see more of the movie posters on display at the Licensing Expo 2012, head on over to

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