Thursday, May 17, 2012

Only A Blogger Would Consider This News

Earlier this week, the TAG Blog reported that DreamWorks held a crew screening of The Croods on April 15th. Was it amazing? Was it abysmal? Is it cringe-worthy or a crowd-pleaser? On a scale from Lilo & Stitch to How To Train Your Dragon, where exactly does it rate?

Um...your guess is as good as mine. With zero insider info leaking to net, there's literally NOTHING to report to you on that front. So instead, I'm giving you Chris Sanders' recent Twitter review of The Avengers.

Chris Sanders ‏@Chris_Sanders_    4 May
In line for Avengers. I'm in the 12:30 screening. Wooooooo!
Chris Sanders ‏@Chris_Sanders_     4th May
No details, just tell everyone to see the Avengers. Fantastic. THAT'S how you make a superhero movie. I'm getting back in line.
Chris Sanders @Chris_Sanders_    4th May
Oh yes, stay till the end. It's worth it. And you get to hear more music, which is always swell.

Wow! Twice in a row! How's that for an unabashed endorsement? Oh, and in case you missed our previous post, the fella who scored The Avengers, Alan Silvestri, is also scoring The Croods. (Hmn, I wonder: Do you think he ever conducts his orchestra while wearing Hulk Hands?)

The preceding Tweets were cut and pasted w/out permission from Chris Sanders' Twitter feed.


  1. Hey, remember me, i'm that girl who made the sabertooth running icon. Well, I'm back, and I have another submission for fan art Friday! While not exactly completely Croods-related, it does feature the sabertooth. This is a digital drawing I did that combines a good chunk of the CGI Dreamworks characters into one image.Check it out here:

  2. Of course I remember you! Your scampering sabertooth icon remains one of my favorite parts of this blog's layout. Thanks so much for the link to your new mega-DreamWorks drawing. I will DEFINITELY be using it in tomorrow's Fan Art Friday.