Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alan Silvestri to Score The Croods!

Wonderful news! Composer Alan Silvestri has signed on to provide the musical score for Chris Sanders' and Kirk De Micco's The Croods. Fans of Lilo & Stitch will recall that Silvestri provided the score for that flick, too. In fact, in the Lilo & Stitch making-of featurette embedded above, Sanders refers to Silvestri as his "favorite composer in the whole world." How cool is that?

The news of Silvestri's involvement with The Croods broke on Monday in an interview with Hollywood.com. While the lion's share of that interview was about Silvestri's work on the monumentally popular The Avengers, Silvestri ended the interview with an excited plug for The Croods.

Alan Silvestri: I actually do have a film that I'll probably be starting in earnest in the beginning of the Fall. It's called The Croods. It's a Dreamworks Animation that I'm doing with Chris Sanders.

Hollywood.com: Cavemen!

AS: It's fantastic and charming. I did Lilo & Stich with Chris — we had a spectacular time. I'm really looking forward to that. I've seen it, they're working for it and it's just lovely. It's basically about the creation of the first family.

Hollywood.com: That sounds terrifying.

AS: [Laughs] Exactly. It should be!

To be honest, this interview excerpt thrills me for two reasons. First, there's the obvious: Silvestri is scoring! But the second reason is that Silvestri describes the film as being about "the creation of the first family." The exploration of family -- in all its forms -- is what Chris Sanders does best. I don't know anyone from a less-than-happy home who doesn't well up while watching Lilo & Stitch and/or the father/son scenes in How To Train Your Dragon. Both films perfectly portray the fears of fractured families. Both films also provide hope and comfort to those very same folks. To know that Sanders is still exploring familial themes makes me even more excited for The Croods than I already was.

To read the full Hollywood.com interview with Silvestri, click here.

To watch the full score of Lilo & Stitch played without dialogue over the film, click the 'Read More' link below.

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