Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2 Links: 1 :) & 1 :(

I stumbled across this first link while searching Tumblr for Croods-related pictures and news bits. It’s a very charming and heartfelt school assignment explaining the author's admiration for Chris Sanders. (As for those pictures and news bits? Nope. Still nothing.)

The second link is a little less lovey-dovey, yet it comes from an equally passionate place. Megamind mega-fan thatfilthyanimal's “Get it Together, Dreamworks Animation.” With Rapidly Fading Love, Filthy Animal is a thought-provoking piece about DreamWorks' frustrating inability to keep their characters alive in the hearts and minds of audiences. In it, thatfilthyanimal lists a number of smart, simple tactics that, were DreamWorks to implement them, might help the studio's animated output feel as timeless and vital as Disney's. Here's an excerpt:
So often I hear people say, “Oh, I remember that movie!” towards even Megamind, a movie that came out just under a year and a half ago. Nobody says “Oh, I remember that movie!” towards Disney like they’re just a distant thought. Disney movies don’t go hiding once you’ve finished giving them their dollar. The characters [...] linger.
Am I the only one blown away by this statement's laser accuracy? I first read it a month ago, and I've probably quoted it two dozen times already. Amazing work, thatfilthyanimal!

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