Monday, April 2, 2012

Maps to the Stars' Blogs

Do you long to stalk contact the Croods crew, but find yourself being repeatedly red-flagged by DreamWorks security? THE SOLUTION IS SIMPLE! Using nothing more than your home computer and an 'internet connection,' you can INSTANTLY rub shoulders with the animation elite.

Q: Found a minor continuity mistake in Lilo & Stitch?
A: Send Chris Sanders an 'electronic letter' and let him know! He's EAGERLY AWAITING your petty gripes about his otherwise flawless film.

Q: Got a great idea for a hilarious hair gag that should've been used in Tangled?
A: 'E-mail' is the answer! All it takes is a couple of coarsely worded missives to Jamaal Bradley and he'll PERSONALLY animate ALL of your ideas, adding them to the film just as soon as time-travel becomes more readily available.

With the wonderful world of 'website surfing' only an AOL account away, this is a magical time to be a film fan with no real sense of personal or professional boundaries! Listed below are twelve enticing 'links' to the 'weblogs' of some of The Croods' most powerful personnel. Isn't it time you dropped by unexpectedly to say 'LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME'?

Links to the Stars:

Arthur Fong
Benjamin Venancie
Chris Sanders
Christophe Lautrette
Jamaal Bradley
Jason Scheier
Jennifer Harlow
Leighton Hickman
Louie del Carmen
Nicolas Weis
Simon Rodgers
Steven MacLeod

P.S. Whatever you do, DON'T tell 'em I sent ya. There's this pesky, old-fashioned, pre-electronic era thing called 'restraining orders' that I don't want to bore you with...

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