Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Croods News: Cast & Crew

DreamWorks visual development artist Arthur Fong wrote a brief blog post about his work thus far on The Croods. Of particular note to detail fanatics such as myself (and, presumably, YOU) is this portion:

The movie was originally dated to release in March of 2012, but the decision was made earlier in 2011 that we would not be able to push the full potential of this film if we were to rush to meet the deadline. Since then the art department got resized to only two artists (myself and Maragaret Wuller), the art director (Paul Duncan), and our fearless leader (production designer Christophe Lautrette). It's been one hell of a ride, but I am more than grateful to be one of the last standing warriors to finish the battle.

An art department of three?! Sounds insane. Then again, The Holy Trinity and the Three Stooges have been pretty adamant about keeping their numbers equally anemic, so maybe there's something to be said for the équipage à trois. To read Fong's complete post, click here.

Clark Duke (Kick-Ass, Hot Tub Time Machine) recently spoke to MediaMikes.com about his role in Eddie Murphy's new flick, A Thousand Words. Near the end of the interview, Duke briefly discussed his voice work on The Croods. Here's an excerpt:

MediaMikes.com: Have you already finished the voice work for the film?

Clark Duke: I’m actually still working on it. I have been for a year or two. These things take a pretty staggering amount of time. But I did get a tour of the Dreamworks animation facility in Glendale (California). It’s pretty incredible the scope of the operation…how many hundreds of people it takes to make one of those movies.

MM: How do you keep your performance fresh when you do a character for that long?
CD: It stays fresh because you may go a few months at a time before you work on it again. You don’t really have a chance to get burned out. It’s such a fun pleasure to go in and just mess around. A lot of times you’re recording by yourself…you can do as many takes as you want. As many ways as you want. You just keep trying stuff until somebody in the other room laughs. I really liked doing it. I had done a little voice stuff for Seth Green on Robot Chicken but never on such a grand scale. I didn’t see any of the animation attached to my voice until a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty awesome! They animate the character around all of your different vocal ticks and pauses. It’s hard to explain…it’s kind of like having your own trading card or action figure. A weird sensation but a pretty cool one.
To read the full interview, click here.

Croods technical director 'Fictographic' has made a public plea for pesos via her Tumblr, hoping to raise the funds needed to publish her passion project, Anime Angels. Re-blogged below is her sales pitch, as well as a couple of links to where you can contribute:
Anime Angels is a 100-page artbook featuring 93 works from 66 artists from 22 countries. As you can guess, I’ve got work in the book, too! We are in the last 6 days of Kickstarter pre-orders, and we are just need to sell a few more books!

The project manager, Bruce Hahne, will debut the book at Fanimecon. Even cooler - I will be at Fanime on Saturday, and I’ll be up for signing your book. If you pledge in the $200+ range, you can attend the Anime Angels Launch Party at Fanime. I need to check if the party is Friday night, but if it’s not: I will be there, and I will give you an hour draw lesson on any topic you ask for (EX:: human and animal anatomy, perspective, value and color theory, Photoshop tools, Python programming).

If you have an Amazon gift card or a debit/credit card, please use:
KICKSTARTER PRE-ORDER PAGE: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1471091733/anime-angels-artbook

Other, you may use Paypal:
PAYPAL PRE-ORDER PAGE: http://www.animeangelsbook.com/preorder.html

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