Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chris Sanders Previews ComiCon Merch

@Chris_Sanders_: ‏ The first of several mugs I'll be selling at Con this year. Morgan's is a diner that will be introduced in Kiskaloo.
2:22 AM - 28 Mar 12 via txt

@Chris_Sanders_: ‏ Yep, I'll be activating the online store before July. I'll have a couple of mugs, some sports bottles with Pinups, and a few other thing ...
2:26 PM - 28 Mar 12 via txt

@Chris_Sanders_: ‏ works. I'll be posting the product prototypes as they come in. And notifying everyone of the store opening.
2:26 PM - 28 Mar 12 via txt

Imported without permission from Chris Sanders' Twitter feed.
Oh, and if you haven't checked out Sanders' website yet,

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