Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The OFFICIAL Posters

The original teaser poster, used at the 2011 Las Vegas International Licensing Expo. Yes, it's ugly.

The second teaser poster, released sometime in February of 2012. Nope, still not pretty.

The third teaser poster, released on 2/29/12. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! This was the poster that made me a convert. Click here to read me shamelessly GUSH over it.

Bonus! The poster's designer, Steven MacLeod, shared his original concept sketch for the piece. Pretty cool, eh?

The first quote/unquote "official movie poster," released on September 27, 2012. Another PERFECT poster. Unsurprisingly, I gushed again.

Bonus! A step-by-step making-of the last poster. I could get used to these.

Bonus pt. 2! Steven MacLeod's early sketches for the poster.

The 'living one-sheet.' Released to MUCH internet adoration on 12/20/12.

Okay, so this one was a misstep. Accidents happen, right? Released on 1/21/13.

1/28/13 saw the release of this evocative image. It's a movie poster as a work of art. I'm guessing someone in marketing was taking night classes in Renaissance religious paintings. Either that, or they were just divinely inspired.

These next posters were released one by one between late Jan. and early Feb. of 2013. They were the first DreamWorks posters where -- if you held your smart phone over them -- you got to watch brief clips from the film. It even worked on posters found on the internet! Go on. Try it out. I'll wait. (Oh, one more thing: You need to download The DreamWorks Animation Augmented Reality app first.)

See what DreamWorks did with these 2/5/13 designs? They took the few things that were good about the 1/21/13 misstep and made them better. MUCH better. A HUGE improvement, don't ya think?

These next two posters premiered at The Berlinale International Film Festival. Star-studded posters for a star-studded event. A perfect pairing!

This poster was hung in movie theaters hosting advance screenings. It's quite different than the rest. It was painted by Paul Duncan, based on the cave paintings by Margaret Wuller. I really, REALLY like this poster.

This one was released on 3/8/13. Cuz you can never push the 3D too much...

Two fun French posters released on 3/18/13

Various vinyl banners released to theaters between Feb. 2013 and March 2013

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