Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Croods Poster 'Captures the Imagination'

Now THIS is the Croods poster that DreamWorks should have initially teased the world with! Seeing a small family being chased by a large herd of multicolored monsters is not only eye-catching, it's imagination inspiring.

First you've got the obvious life-or-death action element: Are they gonna make it?!

Then there's the subtle differences in each character's reaction to the chase. While most of the family seems understandably unhinged, the granny and the teenaged daughter seem almost invigorated by it. What's up with that? Is the granny crazy? Is the girl a CG stand-in for all of our latent, adventurous, secret-selves?

And then there's the beasties. What exactly is going on with that rainbow-hued Pokemon deck bearing down upon our heroes? Initially, it appears to be a first-come-first-serve dinner rush. But then you notice the small, rodent-like critters in the front and the prehistoric parrots overhead, and you get the feeling that maybe things are not quite what they seem. Could there be an even bigger beast behind them? Or since this all takes place in the caveman days, could everyone and everything seen in this image simply be fleeing whichever natural disaster (massive meteors, volcanic eruptions, tectonic plate shifts, etc.) prompted earth's last batch of mass-extinctions and evolutionary bumps?

Your guess is as good as mine!

This poster perfectly embodies that old movie-reviewer cliche, 'captures the imagination.' For years, I'd always just skimmed over those words, assuming them to be nothing more than a critic's fallback phrase, another way of saying 'captures your attention.' But where 'captures your attention' could be seen as provoking a passive reaction, with all of the work being done by the one doing the capturing, 'captures the imagination' is definitely pro-active. It's about more than just being receptive. It's about the mind taking that which it is being presented with and then running with it. And right now, I'm ready to run to the nearest movie theater to watch The Croods. How about you?

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