Friday, April 13, 2012

Did You Know...

…that director Chris Sanders was actually working on The Croods before switching over to How To Train Your Dragon? S’true. In fact, Sanders credits his work on HTTYD with helping him to see the true potential in The Croods. Or as Sanders says it:

“I learned what CG was capable of — the lighting, the textures. I went back to Croods with a new vision of what we could do. We could make this world feel absolutely real. I didn’t understand how real it could look until I did Dragon. That was a really beneficial thing to learn.”

I’ll tell you what I learned from watching How To Train Your Dragon (as well as Sanders’ other flick, Lilo & Stitch): It doesn’t matter how photo-realistic or completely cartoony the characters and environments may be. When Chris Sanders makes a movie, I feel “absolutely real” emotions.

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