Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Croods News

1. Laguna College of Art & Design is hosting a gallery show of original art by Chris Sanders, as well as a personal visit (or two!) by the artist. Click here for photos and info.*

2. Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds are currently doing some of their recording work for The Croods. Don't believe me? Here's a picture to prove it!

3. D3Publisher and DreamWorks have reached a deal to develop a video game based on The Croods. Although I rarely find myself playing video games based on movies (well, not since I lost my old NES version of Hook), I'll take it on faith that there are some caveman-loving, movie tie-in addicted gamers who are delighted to hear this.

*If any of the folks who made it to this event have photos or commentary they'd like to share, please drop me a note in the comments section. I'll put your name in BOLDFACE ALL-CAPS.

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