Friday, February 17, 2012

3 Free Facebook Timeline Photos

I found a cool Croods-related video that I'll be posting later, but for now I thought I'd share these pics I put together for the new Facebook timeline.

As is clear to anyone with eyeballs (or even one of those descriptive-reader-things with the Stephen Hawking-voice that blind folks use to browse the net), the first shot is of the still-unnamed saber tooth from The Croods, while the second and third pictures are from the two Chris Sanders films that made me such a fan of the man: Lilo & Stitch and How To Train Your Dragon.

The pictures are all the optimal size to fit the new Facebook timeline, so all you've gotta do is follow the seven simple steps below and you're done. No humiliating calls to tech support required!

1. Click the photo you’d like to use for your Cover photo
2. Right click the photo and choose “Save Image As…”
3. Go to your Facebook Profile
4. Click “Add A Cover/Change Cover”
5. Choose “Upload Photo…”
6. Click “Browse” and select your Cover
7. Click “Open”

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